Curriculum Vitae

  Miguel PrudĂȘncio

Research Interests

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My research interests span a wide range of topics within the malaria field, with particular emphasis on the hepatic stage of infection. In general terms, I am interested in elucidating hitherto obscure aspects of the biology of Plasmodium infection, unveiling novel host-parasite interactions and developing new drug- and vaccine-based anti-malarial strategies, and developing new hepatic Plasmodium infection systems. 

Specifically, my current research focuses on:

  • Unraveling novel host-parasite molecular interactions during Plasmodium hepatic infection.

  • Understanding the molecular mechanisms of nutrient uptake and metabolism during Plasmodium development inside hepatic cells.

  • Investigating the reciprocal influence of Plasmodium and Trypanosoma co-infections.

  • Developing and evaluating the activity of novel compounds against Plasmodium liver stages.

  • Developing a novel pre-erythrocytic whole-organism anti-malarial vaccination strategy.

  • Developing effective in vitro sporozoite production and sporozoite cryopreservation methods.

  • Developing a new 3D hepatic cell culturing system for Plasmodium infection.